93 of 93Our Trip to France

Our room at the Hotel de l'Alma, the last of the four hotels we stayed at in Paris.  We ended up switching rooms in the same hotel the next day.

Although we were in Paris for two more days, we didn't take any more pictures because the weather started getting a little mean and because we went to a lot of places we had already been to and photographed already.

But we did have some more adventures.  Check back here in a few days and maybe I will have had a chance to type up a few stories for you about our Italian-American dinner, our train trip to nowhere, the crypts of Ile de la Cit, our night out with Romain and the mean French waiter, and our almost lucrative brush with getting bumped from our flight home.

Until then, Bon soir, je suis american!!

-Frank and Kristen, March 30, 2004

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