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Dana and Nicholas (b/w, 10 kb) The Schipani clan - Aunt Lucy, Grandma, Dad, Uncle Bob, Aunt Lee, Uncle Tommy, Mom (color, 37 kb)
Dana and Nicholas (color, 35 kb) (color, 42kb)
Me and my sis (b/w, 29 kb) Tara (b/w, 35kb)
The bride, maid of honor, brides maids and flower girls (color, 26 kb) Parents of the Bride (color, 34kb)
Me and Grandma (color, 47 kb) Them again (color, 23 kb)
The maid of honor (color, 20 kb) Bridal party whoops it up (b/w, 20 kb)
Down the Avenue (b/w, 35 kb) Dance with Dad (color, 21 kb)
(color, 16 kb) Rehearsal dinner (color, 17 kb)