Let’s hope I spoke too soon…

Girl Cat seems to have made a miraculous recovery. She’s not out of the woods yet, but let’s hope my message from last night was premature. She’s eating well, didn’t need tonight’s pain medicine, and has even jumped up on a chair a few times tonight. She spent the day under the bed, but has been out most of this evening and has gone up and down the stairs (gingerly) several times. Fingers are crossed hard that this is not her time. Thank you all for your thoughts and messages. I’ll keep you posted.

In my new-found optimism, I’m hoping we might get to see her squeeze into a box again this Christmas! That would be a great Christmas present (although, sadly, it would probably not be much of a squeeze since she’s down to 6+ pounds…).

Time to say goodbye

We are struggling a bit over here as we try to accept that it’s almost time to say goodbye to Girl Cat. She’s been in renal failure for a while now (definitely over a year, although who knows when it started). We hospitalized her over the summer to have her system flushed out with water, and she got much better after that. But all of a sudden she got really sick over the weekend. She lost a pound since her follow-up visit last week (at which her kidney levels were elevated again, but not terribly so). She’s got kidney stones now and was at the vet getting pain meds and fluids from Tuesday through Thursday. We have decided not to put her through any more agony because even if she were able to pass these stones, she’d still be a sick and fragile cat. And she probably wouldn’t understand what all the tests and treatments mean, so her final days (weeks/months) would be full of fear and discomfort. We picked her up on Thursday along with pain meds. We’ll keep her comfortable as long as we can at home and then will have her put to sleep at home, as peacefully as we possibly can. We are very sad — she’s not yet 7 and we expected to have another 10 or more years of her love. But at this point we’d only be keeping her alive for ourselves, so we’re going to let go. For now, she’s still eating and drinking and the pain meds seem to help. But she’s hiding under the bed, which is very unusual, so we know we can’t drag this out for too long.

Here’s a photo from 2009 when she still felt good:

A sleepy time photo from 2008:

And an action shot from her first Christmas in 2006:

Thanks for all of your good thoughts for her — she’s brought us much happiness over the past 6 or so years and we are very sad to see her go.

Nico’s First Day of Preschool

Are you still out there? Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in a long time. I’ve set a goal of trying to post regularly in November and am getting a jump on it now. Not sure if I’ll continue after that, but we’ll see. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Nico, trying to keep his backpack on on his first day of preschool. He loved it! He’ll be going twice a week for half days — a perfect introduction to school.

The Little Red Caboose

We captured Nico reading one of his books on the cruise.  He has them all memorized, to the point that if you leave out words, he won’t turn the page until you’ve read it correctly.


Here’s a link to the words of the story, if you want to follow along.


Happy Spring!

Nico wanted to stop by and wish you a happy spring.  We have some really great videos that we’d love to share with you — I hope we (as in Frank) can get to that soon!



Nico Gardens with One Giant Glove




Dutch Wonderland

We had a great time in Lancaster, PA, last weekend, even though the weather was not so great. We went on lots of rides and saw the most amazing model train display ever at the Choo Choo Barn.

Here’s a few videos of rides at Dutch Wonderland.

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Nico Counting

You may need to turn your volume up a little on this one to hear Nico counting.

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