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Song Title Game

We got the idea for this game from our friend Mandi: The Rules: Step 1: Put your iPod/MP3 player or iTunes on random. Step 2: Post the first line(s) from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song. [And some of ours are quite embarrassing!] Step 3: Post it on your […]

A Letter to the President About Israel’s Bombing in Lebanon

Mr. President, Please take some action to end Israel’s bombing in Lebanon. I can understand their position in trying to defend themselves, but they are following a self-defeating course of action. The Lebanese government is finally turning around after decades of problems and domination by Syria. How can destroying their infrastructure and weakening the legitimate […]

Beautiful Sperryville!

We celebrated our one year anniversary in the historic town of Sperryville, VA.  It’s a tiny little town very close to Shenandoah National Park and the Inn at Little Washington, and we took advantage of both of those attractions.  We went hiking on the Little Devil’s Stairs trail in Shenandoah on both Saturday and Sunday, […]