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Cats are Fast!

It’s not easy to get good pictures of them when they are whizzing by you at 300 miles per hour, but it is a good way for me to practice my picture taking skills!  I’ve taken so many pictures of them already, not only are they no longer troubled by the camera noises or the flash, sometimes […] / Website Update

Last night we launched the highly anticipated version 2.0 of our website – ( We think it is a big improvement over the 90s look and feel that the old one had. You may notice a few “issues” with the new site – things we just couldn’t finish fixing last night. But I promise […]

Cats Day 3

Still no names for the kitties. We’ve considered Linus and Lucy, Jacques and Julia, and some other pairs. I’m thinking of Nellie for the girl because she is a nervous nellie. Otherwise they are LBK and LGK (little boy kitty and little girl kitty), or what I’m sure I’ll end up calling them anyway, kitty-cat. […]

Cats Day 2

They’re still super-cute, and really warming up to their new home. We still haven’t been able to figure out thier names. (They just won’t tell us, no matter how many times we ask!) “Pants” has sort of lost its luster by now. He doesn’t actually pant any more – that must have just been from […]

The Cats Come Home!

Today our family doubled in size, with the two newest members of the Schipegan household coming home.  We’re still searching for names for the adorable brother and sister we brought home from the Washington Animal Rescue League today.  They’re about 4 and a half months old, and look how darned cute they are!!  The one with the white […]

DC HIV Testing Initiative

Washington, DC has the highest rate of AIDS cases in the US — 1 in 50 DC residents has AIDS. It is estimated that 1 in 20 DC residents has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. That gives DC the unfortunate distinction of being the US city with the highest prevalence of HIV and AIDS. […]