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PC Uzbekistan Reunion

Frank’s osh turned out great, John brought an assortment of Baltikas, Sara made osh kovok manti, Ellada baked some non, and Doug and Carrie found Russian dessert.  Kop yedik va ozgina ichdik.  Kaitadan kilishimiz kerak — Washingtonda Ozbekistondagi kongililar kop ekan.  Rasmlar (photos)

Thomas Joseph Scholl

This is our newest little 2nd cousin, baby Thomas Joseph “TJ” Scholl.  He and Cousin Julia are doing well, and so are Dad Michael and big sister Isabella. They should be home on Saturday. He came in at 8lbs 7oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.

Uzbek Food

We’re looking forward to hosting an Uzbek-style party with some traditional Uzbek food.  Mmmm, animal parts, onions and lots of oil!  And of course tea and vodka.  Too bad we won’t be able to buy cotton seed oil and $2 vodka to make it really authentic. Here are some recipe sources I found on the […]

Pictures of Auntie Ro’s Birthday

We spent a great weekend celebrating Auntie Ro’s birthday in Chicago with our relatives.  View the pictures

Information Policy

This posting contains some of my assignments, notes and other information from my Information Policy class at George Washington University.  Please feel free to browse, get ideas, and make comments, but please do not plagiarize. 2006-09-27 Current Issue Paper.doc – A brief review of the SEC’s plan to implement XBML coding in its EDGAR database. 2006-10-03 […]

Chicago weekend

We are just wrapping up a weekend trip to the Chicago area for Kristen’s Aunt Rose’s birthday. It’s been great seeing lots of people we haven’t seen since our wedding. We’ll have lots of pictures to post once we get home tomorrow. I’m writing this from the blackberry as we are all sitting around reminiscing […]

Enough already, with the cats!

We are definitely slowing down with the number of pictures we are taking, so maybe this will be the last set for a while.  We are starting to get used to their craziness, although they keep finding new ways to be crazy, run like mad and bounce off things.  They literally are off the walls.  […]

Cuddly Kitties

Kitties had a little too much to drink last night.