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We did it! We closed on the house! The closing went well and we headed straight to the house to do a little happy dance inside before going to work. It’s going to be tough to focus on work today, but we’ll have plenty of time to be thinking about the house — we’re going […]


There’s not much new to report on the house. We had our inspection on Saturday and there were no big surprises so everything is still on. That does not mean, however, that the inspector didn’t find much. The house needs new electrical wiring and new plumbing (there’s almost no water pressure at any of the […]

Time to Hold Your Breath

Quick update on the house status: We are officially “under contract” and we’re very excited!¬†We had to move the closing date from May 2 to March 30, but that’s ok because it leaves less time for the deal to fall through. It’s going to be a BUSY spring for us, though! With scrambling to design […]