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One Month After Closing

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since we closed on the house.  We got a ton done the first weekend and it seems like things have slowed down quite a bit since then.  However, while the physical changes might be small, we’ve made a lot of progress behind the scenes with the house. […]


I just found this really cool software that makes it really easy to create a 3-D drawing.  It’s called Sketchup and is by Google.  You can get more info at I wasn’t able to upload our preliminary kitchen drawing today (something about file type not being appropriate), but maybe Frank can figure out how […]

Mom’s Birthday and Uzbek Party

We’ve updated the website with photos from my mom’s birthday and our third Peace Corps reunion.  Enjoy!

Renovations Begin at Schipegan North

We know we need to post pictures from the Uzbek party and my mom’s birthday and a few other things, and we promise we’ll get to them. In the meantime, here’s an update on where we are with the house. We officially closed on Thursday but then had to go back to work. So, Friday […]