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PreventionWorks in the NY Times

PreventionWorks was featured in an article in today’s New York Times. There’s also a multimedia presentation that is really great. You can watch it here. Let’s hope this publicity leads Congress to allow DC to spend its own funds on needle exchange so more people can be reached and HIV transmission can be reduced in […]

One more big change

It’s official…I (Kristen) have resigned from PreventionWorks. I am very sad to go because I will miss working so closely with our clients and working on an unpopular cause that I believe in so strongly. But it’s time to move on. I will be working part-time on health-related projects at the National Youth Advocacy Coalition […]

The Concrete is GONE!

It feels like it took forever, but the entire backyard is free of concrete now.  Great thanks to Katie for coming out yesterday and helping us through the final push.  You can see pictures of the process here.  Unfortunately we forgot our camera on Thursday (the big removal day), but you can see the beginning […]

We have a garden!

It’s been 6 weeks since we closed on the house and we finally have added something (instead of just taking stuff away). We went to Bull Run Mountain Farm last weekend and picked up some seedlings. In preparation for that, we sledgehammered (and then jackhammered) out about 20% of the concrete in the back yard. […]

Mother’s Day

A note for our mothers on Mother’s Day…

Spring 2007 Semester Complete!

Boy am I glad that I have finally finished all of my assignments for this semester.  I emailed both my thesis and my final paper for African International Politics last night, so now I’m free and clear until September! I had been really worried about the thesis for the past year, thinking that I would […]