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Don’t lick me…you’ll get stupid

That’s what Frank said last night after he spent the evening sanding the walls and was covered in a thick layer of fine green paint dust. The end of the stripping and sanding is in sight — we are working on the living room windows now and then have to do the dining room windows […]

Urban gardeners

Check out our monster-size produce! The broccoli was absolutely delicious — the best I’ve ever had in my life. The fennel was good, though a bit tough. Perhaps we let it get too big? And the tomato was fabulous! Can’t wait until all the green ones turn red! (Hopefully we’ll be able to find them […]

Our new sink (plus the promised updated site)

It may seem strange to dedicate this much space to something as plain and boring as a sink, but I am extremely excited about the “new” sink we found for the basement.  A couple of weeks ago we traveled to NJ and we picked up an old sink at an antique shop.  This sink, which […]

What we’ve been up to…

It’s been a long time since we last posted photos of the house, and a lot has happened.  It was actually very therapeutic for me to look through the photos tonight and get all the web albums ready because I’ve hit a low point where I feel like we’re not making any progress at all.  […]