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Today Our Kitchen Took Shape

Our Ice Stone countertops were installed today and they look fantastic!  They are made of green, white and pearlescent pieces of recycled glass, mixed together in a base of off-white concrete.  (Sage Pearl is the name.)  It’s starting to look like a real kitchen now!    Suzanne and Hilary came to see the new look. […]

Who Knew Walls and Lights Were So Exciting?

We have posted our most recent house photos.  The first batch should be viewed, well, first.  These are the photos that we took the day after we got back from our vacation, and they show the progress that was made in our absence.  (Highlight — the walls arrived!)  The second batch shows the status of […]

Seattle and Vancouver

Alas, this is the final batch of vacation photos.  It’s already starting to feel like a distant memory, even though we had such a fantastic time.  We came back rested and refreshed, and this is the first time I haven’t felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation. In Seattle, first we stayed with […]


Sorry for the delay in posting — lots has been happening at the house (which is a very good thing!)  House pictures are forthcoming, but before we do that, here’s the next installment of our vacation pictures. We had a fantastic time in Oregon.  Tani and Rich moved out there in May and have done […]

Sonoma, the Northern CA Coast, and the Redwoods

Our next stop was Sonoma to visit wineries and then on up the coast to see redwoods. We went to Benziger first, which is a biodynamic winery (that means they don’t use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and they manage their crops through a complex system that involves attracting good predators to eat the pests). […]

The San Francisco Treat!

We are going to post photos from our trip in 3 or 4 installments, starting with San Francisco. We had a fantastic time visiting Bahar and Satish in San Francisco.  We arrived late on Saturday night, but they had a steaming hot dinner of dal and two other delicious Indian dishes waiting for us when […]