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My Underwater Adventure

If there was one thing I didn’t think I would have to do with our new house, it would be working under water.  Don’t worry, we had no flooding inside the house.  But have you ever seen one of those WWII movies that takes place on a submarine?  All the crew is sitting very still […]

Under Contract!

Fifteen days after we listed it, we got an offer on our condo.  We accepted the offer today and are officially under contract.  If all goes well, we’ll close before Thanksgiving. It’s a bittersweet moment for me (although Frank is very happy about it).  I am relieved about what this means for our finances, but […]

Score One for the Little Guy

It may be a small victory, but it is a victory none the less against the evil behemoth phone company.  After actively making our lives difficult by disconnecting our phone three days too early, making me talk to a computer for 20 minutes every time I call, and giving me a different story every time […]

We Have Finally Moved

On Friday night, a mere 6 months, 13 days and 15 hours after buying our house, it finally became our home when we snuggled up in bed and went to sleep in our unpainted bedroom, surrounded by half unpacked boxes of clothes.  The cats stayed behind to keep a watchful eye on the apartment for one […]