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An iPod Miracle for Christmas

Have a broken iPod?  Here’s my card.  About a month ago, my trusty-rusty 4th generation, non-color, non-video iPod took a long walk off a short pier.  It has lasted a long time already, for a piece of computer junk – almost 4 years.  But I had not planned on ever bying a new iPod.  I […]

Schipegan Thanksgiving

Frank’s parents traveled down from Long Island (actually, up from Florida and then down from Long Island), my parents came down from NJ, and Danny and Morgan flew in from NY for our first Thanksgiving dinner in the new house. Gina, Chip and Eloisa also joined us for the feast. We ate well, played a […]

11th Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

This year’s pre-Thanksgiving feast was one of the best yet!  It was the first feast for David, Debi, Aron, Ben, Josh and Eloisa, and the 11th feast for Jeff, who maintains his unbroken streak of having been at every single one.  Frank made the most delicious sweet potato pie in the world, plus a butternut squash and […]

An October Like No Other

October was so busy that it was all a blur.  We keep thinking it’s still September and are wondering why it’s so cold out!  We’ve got pictures from some of our October events, but here’s a brief rundown of what happened in one of our busiest months yet. September 29th — We decided to sell […]