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The Lost Photos

We found the uncategorized photos and they’re all up on the website now. The first batch has lost some of its luster now.  In March we took pictures of our crocuses and tulips and looked forward to posting them on the web to let our northern friends know that spring was on its way.  (And […]

Our Garden v. 2.0

We recently realized that there are a whole bunch of pictures we neglected to put on the website. I have had this nagging feeling that pictures were missing, but I couldn’t remember what they were. Last night we found the uncategorized (and therefore lost!) pictures and I will get them up ASAP. Here is the […]


Back in October of 2007 (that’s right, October 15, 2007), when David asked us to save the date for his 40th birthday party / going away party (before they move to Scotland), we thought they were planning a bit in advance, but we didn’t think anything of it.  We marked the date on our calendars […]

Mother’s Day (parts I and II)

We spent Mother’s Day in NJ with my family, putting together a system for a container garden so my parents can still have a garden even though they aren’t allowed to plant anything in the grass.  Unfortunately we forgot our camera, but my parents sent a few pictures of the key moments. The next weekend […]


We had a fabulous time in Boston.  For Christmas, the kitty cats got us a trip to go visit Mary and Ben — something we have been promising to do for years.  As a bonus, Suzanne and Dave were there (Dave recently moved up there and Suzanne was visiting him), so we got to spend […]