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Front Yard Follow-Up

We mulched the non-planted parts of the upper yard and it dramatically improved the look.  We are hoping to mulch the remainder of the grass this weekend (or very soon) because our weeds are not so attractive. Here’s a side view of the yard with the chives and the thyme in flower (taken on 5/10/09). […]

Announcing our Satellite Blog

We’ve got some news, but we’re not blogging about it here.  You can check it out at our other blog.  You know, because we update this one so often that we had to create another one for all of the things we can’t fit here.  🙂

One Step Closer

We’ve been wanting to get rid of the weeds, er, grass, in our front yard since we bought the house.  We had visions of turning the front yard into a flower and herb garden, with our vegetable garden being out back.  It seems silly to waste what little yard we have on something ornamental like […]

Feed Working Again

We were surprised, and glad, to get a long email full of our most recent blog posts.  If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t gotten any announcements or why there was suddenly a backlog, it’s because the system wasn’t working.  In fact, as soon as Frank sent out an email announcing that you could sign […]