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Summer 2009 Recap

No, summer’s not over.  But since we haven’t really updated our photos all summer, here’s a little recap of our summer so far.  All of the blurbs below link to photos from that event / occasion. May / June We traveled to Pittsburgh in mid-May to visit the Shar-Bars.  We didn’t take many photos, but […]


I am woefully behind on posting photos.  And I promise to try to get some deck pictures up soon — we’ve heard your requests.  We’ve also got a lot of weekend visitor photos to post.  I’m hoping to get to all of that soon. I’m going to start the updating process with last weekend’s Osh […]

After a 6 week hiatus, construction resumes on the deck

Yep, so the deck project started in April.  To be fair, it was the very end of April.  It was supposed to take 3 weeks.  Of course, then it rained for 6 weeks pretty much without stopping.  Mike and Frank made great progress in June, but then Mike disappeared for all of July.  We found […]