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Frank Turns 36!

We celebrated with a brunch with friends and neighbors. The snowman cake was a big hit. But Nico slept through the whole party. A few photos are here.

A healing broth

As I sit here suffering from yet another cold in my sinuses, waiting for Frank to get back from the store, I thought I’d share a recipe for an immune-system boosting broth that Nico’s pediatrician recommended we make and drink any time we felt a cold coming on.  I think it has worked for me […]

A visit from Aunt Denise and family

Aunt Denise, Uncle Robert, and cousins Daniel and James came to visit Nico over Martin Luther King weekend.  We spent most of the time hanging out at home, although we did treat the boys to a bus ride (oh yeah, and a visit to the Natural History Museum).  It was great to see everyone and […]

Hanging out with Nico

When the weather finally warmed up this month I started going out at least once a day with Nico strapped on to me in the Beco carrier. We’ve gone shopping, taken the bus and the metro, and met Daddy for lunch. On Tuesday this week, we went to Daddy’s hockey game. We’ve also had some […]

Finally! Photos from Nico’s first month

You may have read this post about some highlights from Nico’s first month.  (It’s on our satellite blog.)  Well, at long last, we’re finally posting photos from Nico’s first month. I haven’t put any up from the hospital — his birth photos are here, you’ve seen a couple of videos, and really, the time we […]