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Brunch at Matthew’s again – this time with Julia and family

Matthew hosted the cousins again when Julia and her family were driving through from a family vacation in Orlando.  We hadn’t seen baby Robert since our baby shower last fall and if he was big then, he’s huge now!  He is also just about ready to walk, which was very fun to watch. We got […]

Grad School Friends Back in DC

Our grad school friends were last here en masse for a combined baby shower for Bonnie and me.  They returned in April because Bonnie and Tom were bringing their baby, Holly, to DC so Bonnie could run the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race.  As always, it was a relaxing weekend of just sitting around and catching up and, […]


Staying with the theme of gorgeous spring flowers in DC, Frank and I took Nico to the US Arboretum the day before Easter.  We had been there once before but didn’t realize how sprawling the place is — we had parked and walked and thought we covered a lot of ground.  This time, we drove […]

Cherry Blossoms

We have always loved going down to the Tidal Basin in spring to take pictures of the blooming cherry blossoms.  It’s been several years since we’ve been able to drag ourselves out of bed before the sun comes up to get sunrise photos without a crowd.  This year was no different — why wake a […]

Aunt Marie and Family in DC

Nick applied to a bunch of colleges and, of course, all of them wanted him to pick them.  So he set off on a tour which brought him to DC to visit Towson.  Marie brought him here and his sisters, Tara and Dana, came along to hang out with the baby.  While Marie and Nick […]

Fun and Sun in Florida

After all that snow, we couldn’t wait to escape for our annual trip to Florida.  It was expensive to fly, so we decided to brave a 15 hour car trip with a boy who hates the car.  And, much to our surprise, he did great!  We would leave in the morning after he woke up […]

March Photos

Leaping forward by a month, here are photos of Nico from March.  Highlights from the month included: Nico’s first night alone with Daddy while Mommy went out with the ladies to celebrate Sara’s birthday A trip to FL to see the grandparents (those pictures are coming tomorrow) His first vaccine – DTaP #1 His first […]

Updates and Photos? Really?

It’s been a LONG time since we last uploaded photos.  Actually, in truth it’s been a long time since we linked to the photos.  The slideshows have been sitting on the web for a while, but we upgraded our photo software and I didn’t know how to find the slideshows that I had put on […]