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Mother’s Day

Just in time for Father’s Day…here are photos from my first Mother’s Day.  These were supposed to be included in yesterday’s slide show, but there was some sort of glitch so here they are as their very own presentation.  I also learned a lesson — when I realized that a bunch of photos had been […]

April and May Photos

Frank posted that compilation of videos from May which reminded me that I hadn’t put up photos from that month.  As I looked, I realized that even though I did the mass update at the end of April / beginning of May, I hadn’t actually put the remaining April photos up either.  So here’s a […]

New Videos from May

Here are a few videos that we took last month.  No great milestones were recorded, other than his first banana and first ride on the swings, but they are fun none-the-less. There are 9 videos in this playlist.  Press the four arrows button at the bottom right of the video window to view in full […]