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Cape Charles Vacation

After we had so much fun last year in Sperryville, VA with the Somobrights and Hjeltaks, we decided to take another group vacation — this time to Cape Charles, VA.  Cape Charles is a sleepy little town at the southern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula.  It was formed in the 1880s when an enterprising duo […]

Nico Ate Cantaloupe

Hi all — a quick update from the beach for some breaking news.  After spending 3 days with 2 kids his age with voracious appetites, Nico has eaten his first food.  He sucked on some canaloupe today — willingly — and even asked for more.  We have finally found something he’ll actually eat!  (He had […]

Nick the Graduate

Nico’s big cousin Nick graduated from high school this year.  We went up to NY to celebrate his achievement and wish him well when he goes off to the University of Tampa this fall.  Enjoy the photos!