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After a 6 week hiatus, construction resumes on the deck

Yep, so the deck project started in April.  To be fair, it was the very end of April.  It was supposed to take 3 weeks.  Of course, then it rained for 6 weeks pretty much without stopping.  Mike and Frank made great progress in June, but then Mike disappeared for all of July.  We found […]

A Little House History

We know a lot of the details about our house and it’s little spot on the Earth.  Here’s a quick summary: 2007 – we purchased the house from the estate of Henrieta Walker. 1961 – the house was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Walker. 1959 – 1961 – two different owners occupy the house for […]

We can eat outside

The first level of the deck is bolted down and ready for dining upon. Mike laid out the deck boards on Monday so they could dry out and Frank had hoped to get them all stained this week before they were installed.  But, of course, it rained all week.  So, they’ll be stained later.  In […]

Progress on the Back Deck – May 09

I swear DC has not had as much rain in the past 3 years as we’ve had in the past month and a half.  It started roughly the same day we took down the entire back porch structure (that has been protecting the house for 100 years) and hasn’t really let up for a month […]