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Let’s hope I spoke too soon…

Girl Cat seems to have made a miraculous recovery. She’s not out of the woods yet, but let’s hope my message from last night was premature. She’s eating well, didn’t need tonight’s pain medicine, and has even jumped up on a chair a few times tonight. She spent the day under the bed, but has […]

Time to say goodbye

We are struggling a bit over here as we try to accept that it’s almost time to say goodbye to Girl Cat. She’s been in renal failure for a while now (definitely over a year, although who knows when it started). We hospitalized her over the summer to have her system flushed out with water, […]

Enough already, with the cats!

We are definitely slowing down with the number of pictures we are taking, so maybe this will be the last set for a while.  We are starting to get used to their craziness, although they keep finding new ways to be crazy, run like mad and bounce off things.  They literally are off the walls.  […]

Cuddly Kitties

Kitties had a little too much to drink last night.  

We have Names!!

I think we have finally decided on Tigger and Roo.  But they will also answer to kitty-cat, purr machine, or hey you!  Actually they don’t respond to anything unless they feel like it.  They are cats, after all. Many thanks to everyone who gave us name suggestions.  Believe it or not, they actually helped us […]

Kitty Milestones from Week 1

Here are some highlights from the cats’ first week at home: Sunday, August 27 — the cats came home (scared of everything!) Monday, August 28 — they used the litter box for the first time Tuesday, August 29 — they had their first visitors — Gina and Chip — who brought them a little present […]

Cats are Fast!

It’s not easy to get good pictures of them when they are whizzing by you at 300 miles per hour, but it is a good way for me to practice my picture taking skills!  I’ve taken so many pictures of them already, not only are they no longer troubled by the camera noises or the flash, sometimes […]

Cats Day 3

Still no names for the kitties. We’ve considered Linus and Lucy, Jacques and Julia, and some other pairs. I’m thinking of Nellie for the girl because she is a nervous nellie. Otherwise they are LBK and LGK (little boy kitty and little girl kitty), or what I’m sure I’ll end up calling them anyway, kitty-cat. […]