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Happy Spring!

Nico wanted to stop by and wish you a happy spring.  We have some really great videos that we’d love to share with you — I hope we (as in Frank) can get to that soon!    

Front Yard Improvements

The front of our house is finally looking better, thanks to Eva, Katie, Amy, and Jenny’s brother, Wayne.  They came out in late October to remove the last bits of astroturf from our front porch and scrape / grind off as much mastic as they could in one day.  We have been wanting to get […]

Our Sad Little Garden

Ah, our garden.  Well, we’ve had better luck in the past.  We’re not sure what happened, but this year is starting to resemble our sad garden from last year much more than our amazing garden from the year before.  A slide show of our so-far-not-so-impressive garden is available here.  This year we took the first […]

Front Yard Follow-Up

We mulched the non-planted parts of the upper yard and it dramatically improved the look.  We are hoping to mulch the remainder of the grass this weekend (or very soon) because our weeds are not so attractive. Here’s a side view of the yard with the chives and the thyme in flower (taken on 5/10/09). […]

One Step Closer

We’ve been wanting to get rid of the weeds, er, grass, in our front yard since we bought the house.  We had visions of turning the front yard into a flower and herb garden, with our vegetable garden being out back.  It seems silly to waste what little yard we have on something ornamental like […]

Spring has Sprung in DC!

The bulbs patiently waited out the snowstorm and are now getting ready to open.  Our crocuses are blooming and the rest of our bulbs are getting ready.  This is the great thing about snowstorms in DC — we had 4 inches of snow on Monday and by yesterday there wasn’t a trace of it left.  […]

What Snow? It’s Garden Time!

With the memories of last summer’s disappointing harvest still fresh in our minds, Kristen and I began our garden planning yesterday.  This is the only time of year when the garden can truly be perfect, because so far it exists only in our minds.  The various forces of nature – the sun, the rain, the […]

Storm of the Century

We had some tornado warnings here today, and earlier this afternoon there was suddenly some very high winds and heavy rain.  As I was running around the house closing windows, we had some big branches fall in the yard.  Mr. McLaughlin and I cleaned them up when the rain stopped.