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Myths of Africa

Are you interested in stories of cannibals and wild, beast-like people who once lived in the darkest regions of Africa? Have you ever wondered where those stories originated, and why they were so far from the truth? This is a paper I wrote several years ago for a class called “European Representations of Africa.” It […]

Spring 2007 Semester Complete!

Boy am I glad that I have finally finished all of my assignments for this semester.  I emailed both my thesis and my final paper for African International Politics last night, so now I’m free and clear until September! I had been really worried about the thesis for the past year, thinking that I would […]

Book Review of Fergal Keane’s Season of Blood: A Rwandan Journey

This book review was written for my African International Politics course at GW last semester. I just came across it when clearing out some old files and thought I would post it for anyone interested in Rwanda. Fergal Keane’s Season of Blood: A Rwandan Journey is both a well written travel narrative of Keane’s time […]

Information Policy

This posting contains some of my assignments, notes and other information from my Information Policy class at George Washington University.  Please feel free to browse, get ideas, and make comments, but please do not plagiarize. 2006-09-27 Current Issue Paper.doc – A brief review of the SEC’s plan to implement XBML coding in its EDGAR database. 2006-10-03 […]