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Project Update 1 – Nico’s New Buddy

I had grand plans in July of updating our blog with lots of our latest projects as we made progress on them, so we could return to the days of having a blog that was about all of us and not just Nico.  But here we are in August, and I’ve finished the project I […]

Snow, snow, and more snow

My dad shoveled us out of about 2 feet of snow over the weekend.  Then he and my mom took off for FL and left us here to fend for ourselves in this round of snow.  We got a bunch more snow today.  It’s hard to tell how much actually fell from the sky because […]

A healing broth

As I sit here suffering from yet another cold in my sinuses, waiting for Frank to get back from the store, I thought I’d share a recipe for an immune-system boosting broth that Nico’s pediatrician recommended we make and drink any time we felt a cold coming on.  I think it has worked for me […]

Summer 2009 Recap

No, summer’s not over.  But since we haven’t really updated our photos all summer, here’s a little recap of our summer so far.  All of the blurbs below link to photos from that event / occasion. May / June We traveled to Pittsburgh in mid-May to visit the Shar-Bars.  We didn’t take many photos, but […]

Feed Working Again

We were surprised, and glad, to get a long email full of our most recent blog posts.  If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t gotten any announcements or why there was suddenly a backlog, it’s because the system wasn’t working.  In fact, as soon as Frank sent out an email announcing that you could sign […]

My Thoughts on the Election

There’s something to be said about living in the Nation’s capital. We can walk past the White House or the Capitol every day and think nothing of it, and yet we don’t usually put much thought into what’s going on inside. But something struck me in the past few days that I have found remarkable. […]

Kids and the Internet

I was reading Monkey Daddy’s blog the other day and he had a link to a really great article on Is This Tantrum on the Record? The ground rules for writing about your kids. By Emily Bazelon I found this really interesting — particularly since we post pictures of nephews and nieces and […]

14th Street, NW: 40 Years Later

On the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at the impact his untimely death had on our neighborhood.  Frank has lived near 14th St. for 10 years and we have both been fascinated by the failure of the area to redevelop after the […]