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Front Yard Improvements

The front of our house is finally looking better, thanks to Eva, Katie, Amy, and Jenny’s brother, Wayne.  They came out in late October to remove the last bits of astroturf from our front porch and scrape / grind off as much mastic as they could in one day.  We have been wanting to get […]

A Little House History

We know a lot of the details about our house and it’s little spot on the Earth.  Here’s a quick summary: 2007 – we purchased the house from the estate of Henrieta Walker. 1961 – the house was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Walker. 1959 – 1961 – two different owners occupy the house for […]

Back Deck!

A week and a half ago, Frank got the permit for our back deck project — demolishing the 2 story existing 100 year old wooden sleeping porches plus the 1975 concrete addition and building a brand new cedar 2 story deck structure.  It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s done! Here’s a look at the […]

Schipegans in the Press

urban-pioneer-neighborhoodsThis past summer I was “interviewed” via email by someone from HGTV.  For some reason I just remembered it today, so I seached for a resulting article and found this: In case the link above does not work, here is a PDF version of the article.

Window Trim (updated)

This past weekend, we made some real visible progress on the inside of the house. Kristen stripped the paint from the front door while I worked on the living room window trim. (Kristen helped with that too.) Just a little less green in the house! We were very happy that the end result came out […]

Storm of the Century

We had some tornado warnings here today, and earlier this afternoon there was suddenly some very high winds and heavy rain.  As I was running around the house closing windows, we had some big branches fall in the yard.  Mr. McLaughlin and I cleaned them up when the rain stopped.    

Our Garden v. 2.0

We recently realized that there are a whole bunch of pictures we neglected to put on the website. I have had this nagging feeling that pictures were missing, but I couldn’t remember what they were. Last night we found the uncategorized (and therefore lost!) pictures and I will get them up ASAP. Here is the […]

Old wallpaper, new car

We’ve been waiting for a 3-day weekend since November so we can finally paint the front entry way, stairwell, and upstairs hallway.  It’s all going to be the same color (no, not green!), so we wanted to tackle the whole thing at once.  Long, long ago we primed most of the area, with my parents’ […]