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Feminism 2.0

The idea of Web 2.0 may be a new concept to you — it was to me when our new Executive Director mentioned it to me last summer.  It refers to all of the new technologies available on the internet, including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.  It essentially takes the existing internet and makes it more […]


It has happened!  We couldn’t be happier!!!!!!!!!!! All of our neighbors ran outside as soon as the electoral count rose over 270.  Everyone was banging on pots and pans, drinking champagne, and hollering.  There were fireworks.  Passing cars were honking.  The solidarity was amazing! This is what Barack Obama will bring to our country.  This […]

Get Your Parents to Vote for Obama

I thought this video was very cute.

Palin: Wrong Woman, Wrong Message

Thanks to my friend Rachel for sending this link to a great Op Ed written by Gloria Steinem.

Frank’s Famous!

The other day when Frank was riding his bike home from work, he stopped off at Whole Foods and was interviewed by CNN about the President’s energy policy. You can see him here. Unfortunately his bike doesn’t show and he had taken his helmet off — CNN missed an opportunity to show energy-efficient commuting in […]


Don’t know which candidate is for you?  This site can help you figure it out.

Great News!

The needle exchange funding ban was lifted in the House.  It still has to pass through the Senate, but if all goes well, it is possible that DC will be able to fund its own needle exchange starting this fall.  Hooray! Here are some great Washington Post stories that provide more details: From the front […]

A Letter to the President About Israel’s Bombing in Lebanon

Mr. President, Please take some action to end Israel’s bombing in Lebanon. I can understand their position in trying to defend themselves, but they are following a self-defeating course of action. The Lebanese government is finally turning around after decades of problems and domination by Syria. How can destroying their infrastructure and weakening the legitimate […]