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Dutch Wonderland

We had a great time in Lancaster, PA, last weekend, even though the weather was not so great. We went on lots of rides and saw the most amazing model train display ever at the Choo Choo Barn. Here’s a few videos of rides at Dutch Wonderland. If you are viewing this in an email […]


We took Nico on his first camping trip this weekend.  It was so fun, we’re going to do it again in a couple weeks!     

Happy Birthday, Baby Nico!

December was a very full birthday month for the little Monkey.  We figured that a kid whose birth spanned 3 days (in terms of date, not in terms of actual length) deserved 3 days’ worth of parties.  And that’s what he got! We started out with a small dinner party on his actual birthday.  Jenny […]

Merry Christmas!

OK, so it’s almost New Year’s, but this is a post linking to our Christmas photos.  I’m going to be updating our photos in reverse chronological order (all the way back to my dad’s 70th birthday in November), so the holiday greetings will be even more incongruous as time goes on.  🙂 Christmas has been fun […]

Happy Birthday, Daniel and James!

My grad school friends and I have a hard time believing Daniel is 8.  He was born when we were taking a reproductive health class about the ways that c-sections can be lifesaving and his timely and safe delivery stands out in our minds because of the context in which we celebrated it.  But didn’t […]

Nico’s First Trip to Chicago

Nico added another 3 states to his list — Ohio, Indiana and Illinois — when we took the train out to Chicago for Auntie Ro’s 87th birthday (click for photos).  My parents met us there and we got to see my aunts (Rose and Nita), cousins (Scott, Kathy, and Diana), second cousins (Krista, Kari, and Lauren), […]

The Rest of August

The Cape Charles and August Odyssey photos that we’ve already posted covered the first half of the month.  This slide show rounds out the month with a bunch of solo shots of Nico, plus our trip to Pittsburgh for Lisa’s bat mitzvah and the spice rack Frank built to house all of the Penzey’s goodness […]

August Odyssey

Right after we got back from Cape Charles, we headed out again — this time on a northeastern odyssey that took us through Poughkeepsie, the Catskills, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.  It was a trip filled with fun visits with family and friends.  Unfortunately we don’t have photos from his visit with Grandma and Grandpa […]