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Dutch Wonderland

We had a great time in Lancaster, PA, last weekend, even though the weather was not so great. We went on lots of rides and saw the most amazing model train display ever at the Choo Choo Barn. Here’s a few videos of rides at Dutch Wonderland. If you are viewing this in an email […]

Nico Counting

You may need to turn your volume up a little on this one to hear Nico counting. If you are viewing this in an email or RSS feed and you don’t see the videos, click on the link to the original blog post.

Nico and Brady Scream-fest

When Nico and Brady were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in August, they were very excited to be together!

Nico’s Words

Nico has a lot to say these days.  He agreed to sit for a one-on-one exclusive interview with Mommy to share his knowledge with the world.

He Can Walk the Walk

Captured on “film” for the first time!  Don’t be distracted by Daddy’s crazy-baby-voice, or by the unflattering stripes on baby’s pjs. Bonus video of Nico the Bat Boy.  Cape by Grandma D.

Screeching Match

A while ago, Nico discovered his voice and started piercing our eardrums on a regular basis.  Frank had a theory that if he encouraged the squealing at sanctioned times, we would have fewer embarrassing moments when Nico screamed out in the middle of a silent crowd (like at a museum or in a restaurant).  It […]

Are We Bad Parents?

Just a quick and dirty video posting from our dinner at a local Vietamese restaurant last night. It was taken on my phone, so the quality is not so great.

Nico loves to read

I posted a while ago about Nico pulling books off the shelf one at a time for us to read to him.  The kid loves to read!  This video is obnoxiously long (5 minutes!) but it shows Nico doing his latest tricks.  He turns the pages while Frank reads him a book, chooses another book, crawls […]