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Happy Birthday, Baby Nico!

December was a very full birthday month for the little Monkey.  We figured that a kid whose birth spanned 3 days (in terms of date, not in terms of actual length) deserved 3 days’ worth of parties.  And that’s what he got! We started out with a small dinner party on his actual birthday.  Jenny […]

Merry Christmas!

OK, so it’s almost New Year’s, but this is a post linking to our Christmas photos.  I’m going to be updating our photos in reverse chronological order (all the way back to my dad’s 70th birthday in November), so the holiday greetings will be even more incongruous as time goes on.  🙂 Christmas has been fun […]

The Rest of August

The Cape Charles and August Odyssey photos that we’ve already posted covered the first half of the month.  This slide show rounds out the month with a bunch of solo shots of Nico, plus our trip to Pittsburgh for Lisa’s bat mitzvah and the spice rack Frank built to house all of the Penzey’s goodness […]

How can June be over already?

Wasn’t Nico just born?  Has it really been almost 7 months???  Time is just flying and June really whizzed by.  I ended up taking a bunch of photos and videos — probably because I felt so guilty about not taking many in April and May.  But I was actually busier in June than in either […]

April and May Photos

Frank posted that compilation of videos from May which reminded me that I hadn’t put up photos from that month.  As I looked, I realized that even though I did the mass update at the end of April / beginning of May, I hadn’t actually put the remaining April photos up either.  So here’s a […]

Brunch at Matthew’s again – this time with Julia and family

Matthew hosted the cousins again when Julia and her family were driving through from a family vacation in Orlando.  We hadn’t seen baby Robert since our baby shower last fall and if he was big then, he’s huge now!  He is also just about ready to walk, which was very fun to watch. We got […]

Grad School Friends Back in DC

Our grad school friends were last here en masse for a combined baby shower for Bonnie and me.  They returned in April because Bonnie and Tom were bringing their baby, Holly, to DC so Bonnie could run the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race.  As always, it was a relaxing weekend of just sitting around and catching up and, […]


Staying with the theme of gorgeous spring flowers in DC, Frank and I took Nico to the US Arboretum the day before Easter.  We had been there once before but didn’t realize how sprawling the place is — we had parked and walked and thought we covered a lot of ground.  This time, we drove […]