Nico and Brady Scream-fest

When Nico and Brady were visiting Grandma and Grandpa in August, they were very excited to be together!

A Room of His Own

At the tender age of 21 months, Nico has his own room.  More photos will come once we’ve put the finishing touches on it.  But this morning Nico sat on his bed for 45 minutes just reading to himself.  I managed to sneak in and get a photo before he saw that I had the camera and I just had to share it. 

Normally he does this downstairs while I straighten up the kitchen and putter around, but it was nice to have him do it upstairs so I could be on the computer.

Meet Didi

The morning after I posted the photos of Nico’s doll, Frank got up with him and let me sleep in.  (I had stayed up too late because I wanted to get the doll finished.)  He told me that Nico was eating breakfast, just like normal, when he suddenly turned around and looked at the red chair and saw the doll sitting there.  Frank said his face lit up and he begged to get down, and then he ran over to the chair and grabbed and hugged the doll. 

When they came upstairs (all 3 of them), Nico squealed and ran over to me to show me the doll.  He’s been watching it in progress and was eager to play with it (although he seemed to understand that he had to wait until it was finished).  I asked him what the doll’s name was, and he didn’t even hesitate before telling me it was Didi.  So thank you for your suggestions (Crazy Chester, Kenny, Pat, and Chris were the suggested names), but Nico seems to have named the doll on his own.

Why Didi?  Nico has a friend on our street who is a year older than him, and who he idolizes.  This little boy has a 4 month old baby brother, who Nico also adores.  Their nickname for the baby is Didi, so it’s no surprise that Nico wanted his own Didi to play with.

As for Didi, he’s looking forward to visiting Grandma and Grandpa Degan soon because Grandma has promised to make him some clothes that are more appropriate for summer!

Project Update 1 – Nico’s New Buddy

I had grand plans in July of updating our blog with lots of our latest projects as we made progress on them, so we could return to the days of having a blog that was about all of us and not just Nico.  But here we are in August, and I’ve finished the project I was going to post in progress and both Frank and I have finished a couple of others.  So, better late than never, here’s the first of a few projects that have kept us busy recently. 

Let me introduce Nico’s new buddy! 

He has really taken to his baby (the same doll his cousin Brady has), but I wanted him to have one that he could do more with.  I like the idea of Waldorf dolls because they don’t have much in the way of facial features, so it’s easy for a kid to pretend that their doll is happy/sleeping/crying or whatever else their imagination tells them the doll is feeling.  But Waldorf dolls are really expensive!  So I made my own. 

I’m not the seamstress my mom is (she made my wedding dress, beading and all, if you remember), but this doll only involved hand-sewing — no machine.  I managed to make a shape that looks very doll-like despite all the improvisation I had to do.  (What’s a running stitch anyway?  Or a crewel needle?  Turns out, it probably doesn’t matter — the doll looks ok.)  Here’s a photo of me attaching the doll’s head.

Next up, we need a name for him.  I keep thinking Charlie, but I don’t know why.  Any ideas? 

Here he is wearing a newborn outfit that Eloisa, Archer, and then Nico all wore.  I would have passed it down to Hudson, but he’s already in 6 month clothes!!!



We took Nico on his first camping trip this weekend.  It was so fun, we’re going to do it again in a couple weeks! 



It’s been a long time…

We haven’t posted an update in so long, it’s hard to know where to start!  There are months’ worth of slideshows sitting here on our computer, but we’re having trouble getting them online.  (Frustrating when I’ve spent hours putting them together!)  Until we can figure that out, here are a few recent snapshots to get you up to date on Nico (and us!).

Nico says hi from the playground:

We have started renovating the basement — bye bye paneling, hello Murphy bed, drywall, and future guest suite!

Here’s the before shot:

Bye bye bar!

The end of day 2:

And finally, here’s a shot of the 3 of us from when my parents were in town — we brought them to the zoo.


Hope you’re having a great summer, and if we can’t get our slideshows up online, I’ll at least try to post single photos more often so you remember what we look like.

Nico’s Words

Nico has a lot to say these days.  He agreed to sit for a one-on-one exclusive interview with Mommy to share his knowledge with the world.

Time for his Close-Up

I went a little crazy the past couple of weeks, taking lots of close-ups of Nico.  So I figured I’d post the February photos we’ve got so far before another backlog starts.  (Yes, I know I still need to do November and December’s photos!  They’re coming…I promise!)

Here’s your glimpse of Nico almost in real-time — the most recent photos were just taken on Monday of this week!

In terms of new developments, he started doing sign language last month, which has really opened a lot of doors in terms of communication.  His first 4 signs were nurse (as in milk), water, siren, and helicopter .  Guess that’s what happens when a boy grows up in the city!  Other signs he does include:  banana, yogurt, cat, daddy, more, bye bye, eat, shoe, bird, and, perhaps my favorite is the sign he made up for music.  We hadn’t taught him one for music, but it’s so important to him that he made his own up!  (He bends his elbows so his fists go up and down as if he’s dancing or drumming.) 

His first word is officially “hot.”  He says it consistently for the fireplace and our space heaters.  We don’t know why that particular word was so salient for him — we don’t warn him about hot things (he’s cautious enough on his own) and his babysitter’s go-to word is “careful.”  But he says “hot” any time he is near the fireplace or the space heater. Even more puzzling is that he has decided he is the household “hot” police, so if we stand too close to the fireplace or the space heater (particularly the fireplace), he pulls our pant leg and drags us until we walk far enough away for his comfort.  While this is adorable, it means I can no longer hang out in front of the fireplace to warm up. 

He can also say “daddy” and “bye bye,” but he’s somewhat less consistent with these than he is with “hot.”  And he says “moo,” “hee haw,” and “oof” (for “woof”) when he sees, or we talk about, cows, donkeys, or dogs.  

He likes looking at the family pictures hanging in our stairwell and having us identify family members as he points to them.

He still loves the vacuum cleaner.  He requests that we vacuum periodically and while we vacuum he pushes around his vuvuzela, “vacuuming” with us.  It’s very cute. 

He’s got good stamina.  His babysitter regularly takes him out for walks and he’ll walk 8 blocks or more at a time.  I had him at the zoo yesterday and despite the fact that it was well past naptime, he walked from the farm at the bottom all the way up to the reptile house — straight uphill for probably at least 1/4 of a mile (1/3 of a mile if you trust google pedometer).  People at the zoo are constantly commenting on him and we have determined that it’s because you actually see very few little kids walking around there.  Most kids under 3 or 4 are in strollers — some little ones might be in slings instead.  But most aren’t walking freely.  Nico just toddles along, keeping pace with the grown-ups and thinking nothing of it.  He must really stand out because so many people have a comment to make about him.

He’s finally eating now.  Still not a ton compared to other kids his age, but he can put away more than 1/2 cup of yogurt or oatmeal in a sitting (when he feels like it), so that’s a good start.  He seems to prefer beige foods — oatmeal, yogurt, banana, pear, bread, sometimes cheese.  He won’t touch peas or most green or orange foods.  But he likes pizza and soup (no matter the color) and, of course, chocolate.

And, finally, he’s loving the music class we enrolled him in.  After the first class he started drumming along with beats.  After the second one he started clapping along.  Now he not only requests that we play music, but he actually requests a particular song sometimes by doing the motions associated with it (rocking forward and backward like a horse or wiggling his pointer finger, for example).  Jenny may be right — his future may have music in it!  He certainly loves it right now.

In other news, our bulbs are emerging from the soil so I expect we’ll have spring photos up before we know it.  We are all eager for spring around here!