Where We’ve Been

Countries that Kristen and/or Frank have been to: 

States that Frank has been to:

Since I have heard some people have rules about what qualifies as having “been to” a place, I’ll describe my degree of interaction with each state.  (On the countries and states maps, I did not include any airport layovers).

California:  Trip from LA to San Francisco as a kid, Golf trip to Palm Springs with friends in ’99, Work trip to Palm Springs in ’98.  Visited friends Bahar and Satish in Oakland, toured San Fran, then traveled for 3 days in the Northern California redwood forests on the way to Oregon, in 2007.

Nevada: Trip to Vegas with friends.

Texas: Dallas for 10 days for work (though I only left the hotel once) in 2000, Houston for 5 days for work (rained the whole time) in 1996, Austin for a few days for a wedding (nice town, but too hot) in 2002(?).

Lousiana: Trip to New Orleans with friends in ’98.

Mississippi: Side trip from the New Orleans trip to Gulf Port.  Spent one night in one of those casinos that got washed away by Katrina.

Wisconsin: Twice visited friends in Appleton area, three times visited other friends in Milwaukee (great city).

Illinois: Numerous visits to Chicago for work, visiting friends and visiting Kristen’s family.

Indiana: 3 drive throughs – only stopped once to make a phone call in Gary.  Won’t ever go back to Gary, I hope.  Wedding at Notre Dame in 2001.

Ohio: Insanity-inducing drive throughs on the way to and from wedding in Indiana.  Just missed the chicken festival in Delta.  Damn!

Michigan: Skiing in the Upper Pennisula, or the “UP” as they like to call it (side trip from 2nd Wisconsin trip).  Also once took a wrong turn in Indiana and ended up visiting the historic birthplace of my buddy Jeff in Niles, Michigan.  They like their corn, there in Niles.

Tennessee: Memphis for a few days for work.  Great ribs.  Dead city.

Florida: Just about once per year since childhood to visit grandparents and parents, plus spring break ’96, and once a week for a few months to Daytona for work.

Georgia: Numerous drive-throughs on the way to Florida, a few months for a couple of different projects in Atlanta, Trip to Atlanta and Augusta with friends in 1997.

South Carolina: Numerous drive-throughs on the way to Florida.  Usually stop at South of the Border.  One four-day golf trip to Myrtle Beach in December, 1998.

North Carolina: Just drive-throughs, I think.

West Virginia: Quick trips from DC to do “mountainy” things – tubing, Berkley Springs.

Virginia:  Lived there from ’96 to ’98.  Go there every few weeks for various reasons.

DC:  Have been living there since ’98.

Maryland: Go there for various reasons since it is close to DC.  Lots of trips to Baltimore for Orioles games, visiting friends and other entertainment.

Delaware:  I don’t think I have ever set foot in Delaware outside the confines of the rest stop on Interstate 95.  Why would you?

Pennsylvania: Many, many trips to Philadelphia and Lancaster for work, a few for pleasure.  Several (I think 3) trips to Pittsburgh to visit friends and stock up on Italian goodies in the Strip District.  (No, there are no strip joints there.  Think “strip mall”.)

New Jersey:  Visiting Kristen’s parents, mostly.  I could drive the entire length of the NJ Turnpike with my eyes closed.  The best Burger King in the state is at exit 4.

New York:  Lived there from 1974 to 1996.  At least a hundred trips since then.

Connecticut:  Many times just for the day for work in Greenwich or Stanford.  Only one overnight that I can recall – New Year’s Eve 2001 in New Haven.

Rhode Island: Visiting Kristen’s parents in Exeter, and college roomate in Warwick.  I know what you’re thinking – “there’s more than one place in Rhode Island?  Where do they fit it?”

Massachusetts:  A few very quick trips to Boston, over night twice in Worcester to visit people, job interviews in ’96.

New Hampshire: Just drive-throughs, I think.

Vermont:  Trip to visit college friend, plus many middle-of-the-night trips to the 24 hr Dunken Donuts in Burlington while in college (only a 45 minute drive from Troy, NY).

Maine: One week camping trip in Point Sebego when I was a kid.

Oregon: Visiting our friends Tani and Rich in Corvallis and the surrounding area, local wineries, the Oregon coast, and Portland.

Washington: Seattle, to visit our friends Monica and Kevin.

States that Kristen has been to (soon to include Oregon and Washington!!!):

It would take me too long to try to do what Frank did for the 39 states (plus DC!) I’ve been to.  So here’s a brief summary:

States I’ve lived in (aka states that have served as launch points for road trips to other states):
Illinois, California, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, DC (I know it’s not a state, but it still counts!)

States I haven’t been to, but want to go to:
Washington and Oregon (going in August!), Alaska (but it’s so far away and so cold there!), Kentucky (just to fill in that part of the map — how’d I manage to miss it???).  Actually, I’d like to be able to fill in the whole map, and I hear those states I’ve missed are just gorgeous, so I really should plan a northern US trip one of these days.

States I may be lying about having been to:
Tennessee and Georgia — I know I’ve been to the Memphis and Atlanta airport, but I can’t remember if I’ve actually visited either.

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